A Mentor and a Renaissance Man

  • William L. Seavey © BillKaysing.com

I never met Bill Kaysing personally until he was in his later years (I paid him to be a presenter in 1993 at my Greener Pastures Expo in Pasadena--near where he grew up).
But over the years he encouraged me (by mail or phone call) in my efforts to help people find small towns and more desirable counties outside of big sprawling metropolises (mostly in the West) to move to. Eventually I started the Greener Pastures Institute which garnered at one time almost as much media attention as Bill's moon hoax theories. (Bill wrote a chapter in my book, "Eden Seeker's Guide" and he is mentioned in my book of essays, "I Could Have Been President").
Many of my books published after Greener Pastures have echoed Bill's themes--cheaper housing, living more environmentally, back-to-the-land, saving money, solar power etc. His books (more diverse than mine, frankly) have always been an inspiration and continue to be.
My library has, in fact, more of Bill's books than any other author, they're that good. (And I don't keep books around that aren't practical). And I don't think his books have become particularly outdated, especially since the digital age we live in is making us even more divorced-from-nature and ourselves.
Bill was an inspiration to me and many others in how he daily lived his life, how he treated others, and in his philosophies on life in general.
I'm sorry he's gone.

William L. Seavey