Bill Kaysing - an appreciation

  • Marcus Allen ©

There are few men who, 10 years after their death, are still spoken of in a fond and appreciative manner. Bill is one such person. His publication, 40 years ago, of the book, for which he is best known - We Never Went To The Moon, raised questions which have yet to be adequately answered. It started a world-wide movement. From such small beginnings has grown an international community of researchers who now carry forward Bill's work. That is a legacy for which anyone would be rightly proud.
I own a rather battered copy (it has been read many times) of Bill's book. When I first heard of the idea that the Apollo record may not be entirely correct, Bill's was the only book I could find on the subject. In 1990, before the internet, it was hard even to find Apollo photographs to examine. But 25 years ago Bill had set me off on the journey which, as far as I can see, is unlikely to end any time soon.
Along the way I have met many wonderful people with a similar objective; to know the answer to the question, has Man really Landed on the Moon?
Bill has influenced me, as he has many others, by his gentle and friendly manner. We all owe him a debt which will be repaid on the day when we know the title of his book is true.

A short poem which I consider sums up what I know of Bill, and how he lived his life:

Work like you dont need the money
Love like you've never been hurt
Sing like there is nobody listening
Dance like no-one is watching
And live like it's Heaven on Earth.

Marcus Allen