Bill got me started!

  • Ross S. Marshall ©

My name is Ross S. Marshall. I am a writer, researcher and overall science and history buff. It is because of Bill that I entered the realm of space sciences. Some time in the early 90's I ran across some materials and found Bill Kaysing.
I had left the animation industry for the live action and documentary field. I was in process of making HI-8 video docu's in hopes of securing a replacement income - this never happened. In the process of finishing up Alien Biology and other films, Bill's material hit a nerve.
After some research, I fell in love with the idea NASA was faking the Apollo missions. Soon after, I secured an appointemnt with Bill and video taped him for hours. We agreed to the deal and I produced one of the first lengthy documentaries on "WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON". The show is now up on youtube for free viewing. Since this time I have moved on to exposing other hoaxes such as Richard Hoagland and the Alien Artifacts cult.
Thanks to Bill. Without him I would have never taken this path. Bill was a great guy and was very enjoyable to visit with. Whether one believes his view or not is beside this point. He was a very inspirational man and I will miss him until I join him.

Ross S. Marshall