To Bill Kaysing. A honorable, pure and courageous man. The one who helped the public opinion to realize that the America's biggest fraud was the alleged moon landing

  • Sotiris Sofias ©

Your challengers Bill are talking about 300.000 people involved in the Apollo project and claim that it was impossible all of them to keep their mouth shut. I totally agree. But from those 300.000 only 10-15 knew the real scenario: The faked Lunar Landings. All the rest had the feelling that they were working in the race against the bad Reds. They didn't have the faintest idea that they were part of the biggest conspiracy of all the times. Poor Virgil and his colleagues were the first victims of this conspiracy.
The immorals didn't hasitate to sacrifice even American citizens, distinguised astronauts, in order to keep the secret. And finally NASA has set this international anti-conspiracy forum Badastronomy (I call it Fakedastronomy) or Clavius to provoce the freeland investigation. Shame on you. You are, Windlay and Plait the biggest conspirators and not us. We're trying to find the truth , you are paid to debunk it. An old but brilliant man, Bill, has humiliated all of you, great astronomers and scientists)!!!!!

I would like to write some words for you Bill, because you deserve it by all means. I have in my personal archieve the documentary Moon Landings where you easily have proved that Jay Windley (Pinocchio) and the lot are still keeping in the darkness the American public opinion.
Bill you have inspired a lot of researchers and one of them is me. I admired your courage to fight against the conservative scientific community clearly guided by NASA . They threatened you, but you prooved much more courageous than they thought those cawards.
Thaks to you and some other pioneers like Ralph Rene' (R. I. P.), the Moon cover-up has been collapsed.
But Bill the problem with the moon is not only the 100% faked lunar photos, but the Moon itshelf. They keep hiding from the world that a lot of artifacts were found in the far side of the moon. With programs like the censorshipped Atlas Moon Pro and Google moon they have retouched the information, clearly shown in the planetary program Redshift edition 5. I've written a book Bill, for the Mysteries of the Moon released in Greece in 2005. When I wrote it in 2003 I didn't know you very well . But through the documentary Moon Landing I realized how great man you have been in your life. I promise to you that if my book ever be released in the English language, I will definitely dedicate it to you Bill because you diserve it.
Bill, you left from this vain world for good. Despite the fact that they have tried a lot to dispute you, they have achieved exactly the opposite. Rest in piece good old fellow. Your spirit is now free to fly in the Universe.
However, your legacy is here on earth, alive!!!!

Sotiris Sofias
Athens, Greece