Tribute to Bill Kaysing

To Family and Friends of Bill Kaysing,

I had known for some time that Wild Bill had passed away but it was only recently that I tripped over the Bill Kaysing Tribute Website (and of course, I set aside proper time to explore it)
I have been a freedom lover for all of my 53 years and had known of and read Bill Kaysing since the 1980's when I happily discovered Loompanics.
Prolific writers are often described in varying terms but the term "romantic writer" always seemed to most accurately describe Bill's output. When you open a book like "Great Hotsprings of the West" or "Great Hideouts of the West" you become swept up in the theme the author is presenting and that is the essence of romantic writing. There were other writers who took account of the nuts and bolts aspects of owning and living in a travel trailer (and these are important things to be sure) but Bill Kaysing carried the contagion of living free directly to the reader through his output. You simply could not help but love the spirit of adventure presented by someone who obviously had been there and done that!
I remember my wife and I taking our first trip to Las Vegas many years ago, a (by then) dog-eared copy of "Great Hideouts" along with us in the suitcase. Bill loved Nevada and that suited our temperament perfectly because we loved it as well. On a five day trip we may have spent 5 hours in a casino. The rest was given to the sheer delight of touring some of the out of the way places covered by Bill in his book.
Bill Kaysing was indeed a romantic writer and I always hoped to someday meet and shake the hand of the man who so profoundly influenced me. To any of his family or friends who see this email I extend my belated condolences and my personal assurance that in New Jersey there are at least two readers who admired and benefitted by his work.
I think that may have brought a smile to Wild Bill's face.


Anson Macdonald