MoonFaker: Exhibit C

  • Jarrah White ©

Whilst many of the well known moon hoax conspiracy theorists were old enough to have seen the moon landings when they aired on television, I was born in the 80s. But I knew very well about the moon landings and witnessed much of the subsequent space exploits that followed. The Mir collision, the Galileo atmospheric entry, the Pathfinder landings, the various shuttle launches, just to scratch the surface. Not content with the news reports and documentaries on the television, I further expanded my knowledge with countless astronomy books. Some I purchased myself, others friends and relatives gave me as gifts.

It was always my dream one day to be the first man on Mars. But then one day I saw Bill Kaysing on the television. I quickly became familar with all of Kaysing's theories and followers. Determined to get to the bottom of this; I turned back to everything I learned previously and compared it to what Kaysing and others had claimed. I refreshed myself on many, many things I had learned long ago and also learned a whole lot more along the way. Needless to say, there were countless websites, videos and articles opposing what Kaysing and others had claimed. But through looking through all of this material, it quickly became apparent that these opponents were not trying to disprove the Apollo hoax theory. But rather mislead those who are without ready access to the conspiracy evidence or even Apolllo, science, history and astronomy in general, and thus manipulate these readers' opinions.

That prompted me to start my MoonFaker series. Originally it was to be a long and thorough essay for download off the Internet. But when it was finally done the document dwarfed even a phonebook, and thus I changed plans to adapt it to video point-by-point. My original essay also needed to be stripped of certain less than pleasant things I had to say about my opponents, or propagandists as I appropriately call them. It has been no secret of mine that it will be immensely difficult to comment on their obnoxious defamation without getting pissed off. This is no exaggeration. Propagandists will pull whatever they can out of the air to make their enemies look bad. Anything from alleging they walked away from $10,000 to prove their point, to outright accusing them of denying the possibility of all space travel when they made no such claim.

By far one of the greatest examples of such disinformation is the propagandists take on the Kaysing/Lovell lawsuit. Propagandists love to bash on about how the case got thrown out of court, alleging that the judge dismissed the case thinking it was pointless. What they neglect to mention is the fact that prior to the trial, Jim Lovell threatened both Bill Kaysing and Ralph Rene through written letter. Then Lovell committed to perjury during the interrogations by denying that he knew anyone called Ralph Rene.

Had this been brought to the judge's attention, Lovell would not have been granted a summery judgement. One who is guilty of perjury is not eligible for a summery judgement. In MoonFaker Exhibit C, you will learn all about the lawsuit between Kaysing and Lovell. The context of which propagandists have suppressed for years. I dedicate this film to Bill Kaysing and Jim Collier who together opened my eyes. And I offer my sincerely thanks and praise to my friend Ralph Rene who not only broadened my knowledge of Apollo, but who also helped make this project possible.

Jarrah White
Sydney, Australia